All About Oral Absorbtion

Vitamins and herbal supplements in spray form are most effective at providing necessary nutrients to your body. Nutrients are absorbed rapidly (within 30 seconds), and more efficiently (skipping the digestive process). Vitamins and supplements in spray form are up to 90% effective, whereas supplements in pill or capsule form are absorbed into the body by as little as 10%!


Why use Sprayavit Supplements?

Purity of ingredients: Sprayavit uses nutritional, pure and 100% natural ingredients in their supplements, without adhesives, binders and fillers.

Portable: You can use Sprayavit products discreetly, anytime and any place. Sprayavit
dispensers are designed to fit in your pocket, purse, make up bag or gym bag.

Easy to use: Some consumers find it difficult to swallow tablets and pills, due to their age or specific medical conditions. Sometimes due to digestive disorders some people are unable to absorb nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract. Spray dispensers are fun and easy to use, for all ages and states of health.

Highly Effective: Oral absorption is now the preferred delivery method for vitamins,
nitroglycerin and many dietary supplements containing minerals, amino acids and herbs. It’s the fastest, most effective and convenient way to get a daily dose of the essential nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

Cost effective: Vitamin pills, drinks and capsules often cost much more than Spray Vitamins, despite poorer absorption!

Oral Absorption - the Benefits:

  • Sprays are highly effective and rapidly absorbed.
  • Sprays are easily administered every 3-4 hours, maintaining a more constant distribution of nutrients throughout the body.
  • Sprays avoid the peaks and valleys common with once a day supplements.
  • Sprayavit sprays are “pure” and do not contain fillers or binders.
  • Sprayavit sprays are diabetic-friendly.
  • Sprays can be taken anywhere and used without water, helping to cut down on missed doses.
  • Sprays eliminate the awkwardness of swallowing a bulky pill.
  • Sprays are ideal for those suffering from digestive disorders which prevent or hinder the absorption of nutrients.
  • When absorption, bio-availability and purity are taken into account, sprays are more economical than pills or capsules.
  • The overall wellness of our bodies is dependent on various nutrients - amongst them vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. Each of these nutrient groups substantially contribute to the development of our body systems. Vitamins are essential in the body as a boost to the defensive mechanism that guards us against external infections, and they interact with cell enzymes to regulate essential bodily functions. They are crucial for a majority of our metabolic processes, in building and enhancing bone health, releasing energy from nutrients and building of body tissues.