Customer Testimonials

“Unfortunately I’m one of those people that suffer from lack of B12 in my body so I had to have injections every month. Since I have been using the Sprayavit B12 supplement for about 8 weeks, already my doctor has seen changes and I now only need to have injections every 3 months.

Also before I never seemed to have the energy to do the simplest of activities that my children wanted to do without having to rest for over an hour in between. Since using Sprayavit my energy levels have increased dramatically, where even my children have noticed the difference.

The supplement spray has greatly increased my immune system as well as my energy levels. I don’t seem to be getting all the bugs/viruses as often as I used to and I find that if I do get them, they aren’t as long lasting as they used to be.

I am going to carry on using Sprayavit B12 as I am looking forward to being able to do all the activities with my children over the summer.”
Sharon Gloucester

“The idea of a vitamin spray was very intriguing…I carried the B-12 with me on a 10k run and found I was five minutes faster than a race a month before with less training.”
Dave Tanner – Iron Man Competitor.

“As I get older I felt that my energy levels are not what they used to be but now that I am on Sprayavit Revitalizer…wow!!! I feel great and have boundless energy and know for sure that it is Revitalizer because when I ran out the energy levels dropped…I won’t let that happen again. Thank you Sprayavit and Barbara for introducing it to me.”
Jane Ferguson Cork, Ireland

“I just wanted to say thank you! 18 months ago I was in a dark place. I am a pensioner and I was suffering from depression as well as the standard aching joints and pains from older age. My doctor was prescribing me some fairly strong anti-depressants and in truth I had become dependent on them – I won’t say addicted but it was pretty close. Then I met Barbara. We became friends and then a couple of months later she told me about her business and the vitamins and herbal supplements her company sells. Barbara suggested that I try using the B-Calm Plex spray to try and reduce my anxiety. She also recommended I try the B12 spray which she said would help my energy levels and my concentration as I found it hard at the time to stay focussed on things. I would keep drifting back into my negative thoughts. Now today I still am a pensioner – the sprays couldn’t change that! But I am no longer on anti-depressants and I am much more alert and “alive” I feel that I am living again and planning things, I’m not just existing day to day as before. My husband is amazed at the changes in me! And… as an added bonus I don’t have all the aches and pains I had before either because I take the Sprayavit CalMag spray which helps my bones and joints. OK I won’t be dancing the Salsa or Samba anymore but I can Waltz again and I’m always up for the OKCokey if my husband is in the mood! Thanks Barbara. I am so pleased I met you. I wish I’d met you 20 years ago.”
Roseanna F. Birmingham

The reason I love the vitamins is because of how quickly they absorb.”  Evander Holyfield (Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion)

“EXO is brilliant! I now get full night’s sleep because my wife, who has sinus problems does not snore anymore thanks to EXO. Also there are no side effects from using it.”
Brian C. –  Ireland.

“I suffered badly from painful gum problems  finding it difficult even to clean my teeth. Since I’ve been on C+ Zinc the problem has disappeared completely and it is wonderful to have healthy gums again.”
Barbara M. – Birmingham.