Ubiquinol Supplement Spray
Ubiquinol Supplement Spray Label Ingredients

Ubiquinol (Anti-Aging supplement)

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Ubiquinol anti-ageing has been designed to combat the effects of ageing with the understanding of what actually causes it. Extensive research has found that ageing is primarily caused by damage that has been inflicted on the body by oxidative stress and free radicals. Both of these factors can be greatly alleviated by Ubiquinol, which is an antioxidant strong enough to not only boost energy production within the body, but also clear the oxidants that cause damage.

As we age, the amount of energy that we use on a daily basis increases substantially, which, as a result, stimulates the aging process. When you reach a state of increased stress in your life, the ‘free radicals’ have a greater tendency to inflict damage on your body’s healthy cells resulting in an array of health issues, some being directly related to your heart. Whilst it may seem that in your younger years these may be less applicable, it is surprising to see just how many young people suffer from heart related issues, which have sprung from stress.

Following extensive studies, it has been found that Ubiquinol may be beneficial for regulating blood pressure, maintaining heart health, and supporting most major organs. Ubiquinol is a powerful anti-oxidant, which fights damage caused by the oxidative stress and free radicals that are associated with aging. Sprayavit Ubiquinol as part of your balanced diet, can help you fight signs of aging! Also contains medium chain triglycerides, monk fruit extract, soya lecithin.

Contains a 30-day supply.

Directions for use: Spray once on each side of mouth four times daily, aiming for inner cheek.

See label for ingredient list.

Ubiquinol Supplement Spray Label Ingredients